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No one of us is smarter than all of us, and great new ideas surface all the time. We align ourselves with strategic partners who can turn those ideas into proven methods that deliver exponential value for you, your learners, and your business.


Axonify is the only microlearning platform trusted by business leaders to drive performance. Deliver personalized learning experience that fits into your employees’ workflow, and ingrain the knowledge they need to achieve your business goals. Axonify develops and maintains MOHR Retail training programs’ web-based microlearning “Plus” reinforcement modules.

J. Wiley & Co.

Everything DiSC®-based classroom learning solutions are the basis for the personal profiles used extensively in most MOHR Retail training programs. These create the foundation for personal insight and interpersonal skill development.

Janet Schatzman & Associates

Janet Schatzman & Associates is a service design firm focusing on strategic visualization and experiential solutions to ensure our program designs are user-friendly, competitive, and relevant.


Agnew is a leading provider of foreign-language translation, interpretation, and multicultural communication services. Agnew works with us to provide MOHR Retail training programs in a variety of languages to meet the needs of your diverse audiences.

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