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No one of us is smarter than all of us, and great new ideas surface all the time. We align ourselves with strategic partners who can turn those ideas into proven methods that deliver exponential value for you, your learners, and your business.


Axonify, which develops and maintains MOHR Retail training programs’ microlearning “Plus” reinforcement modules, is the only microlearning platform trusted by business leaders to drive performance. Deliver personalized learning that fits into your employees’ workflow, and ingrain the knowledge they need to achieve your business goals.

J. Wiley & Co.

Everything DiSC® assessments are the basis for the personal profiles used extensively in most MOHR Retail training programs. These create the foundation for personal insight and interpersonal skill development. In addition, the Work of Leaders profile focuses on individual leaders’ ability to create, align, and bring a compelling vision to life company-wide. And the Agile EQ report maps essential qualities for building empathy and trust across the enterprise.



Our eBook outlines 7 practical reinforcement strategies to help your participants internalize the learning and turn it into daily practice so they can get sustained performance results.

ISA: The Association of Learning Providers

ISA is the only association exclusively devoted to helping training, consulting, performance, and talent development firms build, enhance, and share their success. ISA membership enables MOHR Retail’s executives to tap into the latest innovative thinking, strategies, and trends in the learning industry to provide exponential value to our clients.

“If you are a multi-unit manager, even outside the retail world, I highly recommend MOHR Retail training. A ton of transferable skills.”

Area Operations Manager

Rocket Expansion

In their comprehensive approach, they begin by crafting the perfect marketing message, working collaboratively to define the ideal audience, identify pressing issues, and create a compelling narrative through storytelling. Secondly, they ensure a strong online presence through trustworthy and captivating website design, recognizing the critical role it plays in shaping perceptions of businesses and products. Lastly, they employ targeted paid marketing strategies on platforms like Google and Facebook to swiftly drive relevant traffic to your website, delivering rapid results.

Weaving Influence

Weaving Influence understands that growing one's online influence can raise numerous questions, such as how to appear in online searches, choosing the right social media platforms, frequency of blogging, audience engagement strategies, and driving website traffic. Their team of marketing specialists is equipped to provide answers and assist in executing the optimal strategy to achieve business objectives. They also emphasize the importance of a captivating website, expertise in social media management, effective digital publicity through PR efforts, network expansion opportunities, and strategic book launches for long-term message impact.

The Confidence Network

The Confidence Network, LLC is a community of diverse individuals that bring their unique coaching styles, experiences, cultural backgrounds, and expertise together to create impact for organizations and individuals through coaching and training. As our name implies, The Confidence Network believes that together everyone achieves more and uses a collaborative consulting approach to understand your current and future needs and offer solutions that best align with your business and personal goals.

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