Retail Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Retail Leaders

Tip the Balance Where Results Count

Your retail leaders bring a range of skills and experience to the job. Their immediate supervisor can help reinforce and redirect where necessary. But sometimes, groups, teams, and/or individuals need a more focused, outside coach to help hold them accountable and leverage their strengths to achieve more than they thought possible.

Coaching is not about performance management or counseling someone on their way out. It’s about helping people rise up to their full potential. When you invest in coaching your people, it sends a powerful message about your confidence in them and commitment to helping them grow. It’s one of the best tools you have to slow and manage turnover while engaging, retaining, and developing your leadership pipeline.

The Role of a Retail Coach

Our coaching process acknowledges that the client is highly capable and motivated already and deserves to have a strong say in how the process will play out. The MOHR Retail consultant/coach serves as a mentor, allowing the client to contribute the most during sessions, and then providing guidance and tools to enhance their goals and drive stronger performance results.

Because our research has shown that people tend to be more motivated and productive when they are going after goals and plans that they believe in and set for themselves, our coaches don’t enable or dictate. Instead, they’re there to notice the small details, present options, counsel, build motivation, and help people hold themselves accountable.

3 Types of Retail Coaching

We offer coaching in three levels to all types of teams or individuals:

Training Reinforcement and Strengthening Coaching (1:1 or small group up to 3)

  • Ensures consistent understanding and application of skills and strategies learned in MOHR Retail training programs.
  • How to personalize the concepts to day-to-day work responsibilities and transfer to the job to drive stronger performance and results.

Performance and Competency Strengthening and Development (1:1)

  • A broader view, with goals that may cross departments.
  • Drawing on multiple points of competencies and resources, builds performance to tap into the high-potential’s current skills and assesses areas of development that still need to be strengthened.
  • In-take interviews with a sponsor as well as the person being coached set the stage for identifying objectives.
  • May involve frequent check-ins with sponsor/boss.

Professional/Executive-Level Coaching (1:1)

  • For senior leaders and executives only. Highly strategic insight and feedback.
  • Primary goal is developing relationships at high levels of authority across multiple company functions.
  • Building trust and high-performing teams; managing the political environment.
  • Career progression and mentoring on next steps; focus on skills and knowledge required to attain those relationships and career goals.
  • Allows for frank, honest conversations with an impartial outsider that may not be possible with internal coaches.
  • May involve frequent check-ins with sponsor/boss.

3 Ways to Strengthen and Elevate Performance

  • Groups
  • Teams
  • One on One

Pricing Information

  • Training Reinforcement and Strengthening Coaching: $375 per 1-hour session, including prep; minimum 4 sessions
  • Performance and Competency Strengthening and Development: $450 per 1-hour session including prep and all online assessment tools and analysis; minimum 6 sessions
  • Professional/Executive-Level Coaching: $550 per session; minimum 9 sessions

Additional costs for online assessments will be added when they are taken.

Volume discounted and project packages are available for all levels of coaching. Contact us for details.