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Our work takes us all over the world. And we learn a lot as we train. Today, there’s no reason to wait until we’re back at home base to pass on a good idea or highlight a trend. Here’s where you’ll find them as soon as we spot them.

Building Trust in Retail Leadership

By Mary Beth Garcia | March 26, 2024

Over the last year, MOHR Retail has supported our clients through some challenging times as they continually strive to strengthen trust in the retail environment, particularly against the backdrop of an increase in Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and violence in the workplace. We have hosted two webinars on the topic with retail executives and industry…

How Everything DiSC® Fuels Retail Results

By Mary Beth Garcia | February 26, 2024

At MOHR Retail we always say, changing your personality may be difficult, but changing your choices is not. Here’s why that’s significant: Being more effective and successful as a retail leader, teammate, or customer-facing associate doesn’t require changing who you are; it does require you to be 100% present and intentional about the choices you…

Retail-Tested Strategies for Long-Term Learning Impact

By Mary Beth Garcia | January 24, 2024

The start of a new year serves as an opportunity for many to set new goals and commit to better habits. That means January kicks off with grand plans and best intentions. But what about now, four weeks into the new year, as January winds down and the everyday pressures creep back in? Research shows…

Keeping Retail Associates and Customers Safe: Best Practices and Action Steps

By Mary Beth Garcia | November 9, 2023

The news reports have shocked us all. A gunman walks into a store and opens fire on customers and associates. “Flash-mob robbers” target stores and ransack malls. Organized Retail Crime (ORC) rings post videos brazenly documenting their criminal activity as they steal thousands of dollars of merchandise, damage property, and shatter a sense of safety…

Why Retailers Should Reframe “Seasonal” Hiring

By Mary Beth Garcia | September 29, 2023

This time of year, especially for gift retailers, hiring is top of mind. They’re focused on staffing up and onboarding new associates for the busy holiday season ahead. We’ve written previously about the importance of optimizing your recruiting, interviewing, and selection strategies to better serve your business year round. But when it comes to seasonal…

Leadership Skills Every Retail Store Support Leader Needs

By Mary Beth Garcia | July 11, 2023

When we’re partnering with clients on their strategic learning initiatives, the work typically initiates with the retail field organization, store leaders, and, most frequently, the multi-unit leaders – those district and regional managers who lead through others and from a distance, managing several retail store leaders and teams. After successful implementations and behavior changes start happening…

Making Sure Retail Training Delivers Sustained Business Impact

By Mary Beth Garcia | May 16, 2023

When your retail leaders and team members complete training, whether it’s on-the-job, e-learning, classroom-based, or a blend, there’s a sense of accomplishment. They’ve checked the box and completed the event. However, that doesn’t necessarily tell you what they now know. Do they have the knowledge they need to be successful on the job? Will they…

Loyal Employees, Loyal Customers: Elevate the Shopping Experience by Investing in Retail Talent

By Mary Beth Garcia | April 10, 2023

Blame it on the Great Resignation, the pandemic, and other factors: It has become undisputedly more challenging to recruit and retain talent in the retail industry. Unfortunately, the frontline, sales, and service associates, who are the face of your brand to your customers, are the populations most affected. And that means the customer experience you’re…