eBook: Creating In-Store Experiences in the Age of Frictionless Retail

To survive in today’s market, retailers have to provide an experience that entices customers to shop in the stores.

Too many managers and associates today make assumptions about customer preferences. The skills of asking questions to determine needs, shaping agreement, and testing for reaction are becoming lost in the rush to make assumptions, get the credit card, and process the sale or delivery. The result: Retailers are skipping the most important interpersonal skills that engage a customer, build brand and service loyalty, and create genuine customer excitement. Download this eBook to learn:

  • What it means to create a customer experience in today’s frictionless retail environment
  • The importance of the human factor in engaging the customer on a personal level while leveraging technology
  • How to make it as easy for customers to engage with you in the store as it is online

Download: Creating Customer Experiences in the Age of Frictionless Retail

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