Webinar: Coaching in Real Time: Effective Floor Supervision Tips


During the holidays and other peak seasons, the pace of activity on the store floor can be frantic. Your store managers can make a huge impact on the customer and employee experience with coaching conversations that take less than 3 minutes. To be effective, those conversations have to be targeted and focused on strengthening behaviors in the moment.

In this highly practical 45-minute webinar, MOHR Retail CEO Michael Patrick explores the benefits, skills, and strategies of retail coaching in real-time. You’ll learn:

  • How coaching in real-time benefits associates as well as store leaders
  • A discussion strategy for managers to use in the moment to create mindshare with their associates and keep them on track and growing
  • Tips and strategies for using coaching in real-time to get the most from seasonal hires.

Download the slide deck: Coaching in Real Time: Effective Floor Supervision Tips

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