On-Site/Virtual Classroom

Retail Buyer Training

Retail Negotiation Series Overview

There are proven techniques that help even the most experienced buyer build powerful internal partnerships, strengthen vendor relationships, and consistently achieve the best negotiations, regardless of fast-paced market changes. Our retail buyer training, which draws from our research into effective influencing and vendor negotiation techniques, is an interactive, scenario-based program that will equip your category managers, buyers, and assistants with the strategic skills they need to keep your competitive advantage.

Core-Level and Advanced-Level Merchant Team Development

Core-Level RNS focuses on the daily negotiations that require quick thinking, to-the-point plan­ning, and proven skills and tactics to make decisions fast. Delivered in a one-day in-person workshop or 5 two-hour virtual sessions, Core-Level addresses the following retail negotiation topics:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Retail Negotiation
  • Session 2: Your Negotiation Style at Work
  • Session 3: Retail Negotiation Tactics and Skills
  • Session 4: Resolving Issues with Vendors (Strategy)
  • Session 5: Resolving Issues with Vendors (Application)

Designed for more experienced teams, Advanced-Level RNS focuses on a more detailed review of the personalities, partner relationships, corporate goals, and power tactics that need to be employed when meeting one-on-one or, more typically today, with a group of vendor representatives. Delivered in a one-day in-person workshop or 5 two-hour virtual sessions, topics include:

  • Session 1: Influencing Internal Partners (Strategy)
  • Session 2: Influencing Internal Partners (Application)
  • Session 3: Partnership Principles/Long Term Planning
  • Session 4: Managing Powerful Relationships (Strategy)
  • Session 5: Managing Powerful Relationships (Application)

NOTE: Sessions 1-3 of Core-Level RNS are a prerequisite for Advanced-Level RNS.

An Implementation Strategy Designed to Get Results

Lasting behavior change doesn’t come from a one-time training event. Our retail buyer training includes easy-to-implement, pre-and post-workshop tools and activities to ensure you get the greatest value from your training investments.


  • Everything DiSC® Style Survey: Prior to the workshop, all participants complete this 15-minute online survey that assesses personal communication styles. Your style influences how you plan, prioritize, and approach all negotiations. Knowing your style allows you to build on strengths and adjust for limitations. It also gives you invaluable insight into how they other side operates.
  • Senior Manager Training (optional): To optimize the effectiveness of the training and connect it to specific cultural and behavioral standards, many retailers choose to have their senior managers participate in a half-day version of the workshop or a full-day Executive Overview of the entire Retail Negotiation Series program. (Please note: Additional fees apply for senior manager training. Contact us for details.)


  • Microlearning: 90-day mobile app with gamification and competitive leader board to maximize application and retention.


Our eBook outlines 7 practical reinforcement strategies to help your participants internalize the learning and turn it into daily practice so they can get sustained performance results.

Pricing Information


(1-day workshop or five 2-hour sessions)

$675 per participant

Pricing Includes: facilitation, DiSC®, participant kit with resources and 100-day pre & post-training reinforcement questions, gamification and leaders board to utilize brain science for retention and knowledge growth

Advanced RNS:

Combined with Core level

$1075 per person


Advanced level after attending Core level is an additional $525 per person.


Pricing Includes: Daily refresher of key points via mobile or desktop app, participant kit and facilitation.