Retail Negotiation Series

Equip Your Facilitators to Deliver Our Retail Buyer Education Program

Our facilitators bring vast industry experience and subject matter expertise to every Retail Buyer Education session they deliver. But there are times when your company’s internal facilitator can add unique value to the learning process.

The Value of Certification

  • Internal Credibility and Relevance: Your facilitators bring “insider knowledge” and firsthand company experience to the session, which means they can easily connect learning concepts to the everyday real-world experiences of your participants.
  • Cost Effective and Efficient: A cadre of internal facilitators, combined with our discounted participant rates for internally facilitated sessions, means you can minimize the cost of developing larger learner populations.
  • Powerful Professional Development: Facilitating is one of the best ways to learn and reinforce the leadership behaviors taught in the classroom. Many facilitators successfully move up into leadership roles in their organization as a result of the MOHR certification and facilitation experience, creating further value for your company.

The Process

Our train-the-trainer program is designed to equip your in-house trainers and facilitators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully deliver Recruiting & Interviewing Series to your store managers, assistants, leads, and others responsible for executing on your retail recruitment strategies. It’s a rigorous certification process, with hands-on practice, feedback, and ongoing support from our experienced master facilitators.

Our goal is to ensure you get lasting results from any MOHR Retail training experience, whether it’s facilitated by our team or yours. We stay in touch and monitor your facilitators’ progress, and they’ll always have access to our professional facilitators and support team for any challenges or questions that come up along the way.



Retail negotiation today is faster and more frequent with more variables than ever. Download this primer, based on our national research, to learn what the most profitable retail businesses are doing to strengthen vendor relationships.

Pricing Information

Cost: $16,000 for up to 6 trainer candidates

Cost includes up to six complete sets of detailed Trainer’s Guides, DVDs with all video components, professional wall charts illustrating all key points and strategies, and electronic copies of planning forms.

Modular, Flexible Implementation: Pricing includes certification for all modules of our Recruiting & Interviewing Series course. Even if you aren’t using them today, modules will be ready when you are, and you’ll be certified to deliver them.

Participant Material Discounts: Volume discounts are available for sessions delivered by your internal certified facilitators. Contact us for full details.