On-Site/Virtual Classroom

Retail Sales and Service

Retail Sales Training: On-Site/Virtual Classroom Overview

For all the talk about omni-channel retailing and digital/mobile integration, one of the best resources retailers have for turning browsers into buyers is decidedly old-fashioned: good salespeople. But we know that real behavior change on the retail floor comes after salespeople apply the skills to real-world situations. That’s why our Retail Sales Training program is always customized to your specific operation. We consult with you to discover hot-button situations your teams face, and create modules that allow participants to apply core selling skills to these challenges.

We also recognize that your employees need to have a deep understanding of your products, inside and out; their product knowledge directly impacts consumer confidence and the total shopping experience. Our Retail Sales Training package can be tailored to address product knowledge during the session.

Before the Training Session

Our library of proven, effective training templates is the jumping-off point. From there, customization specific to your unique product, team, and challenges can range from a minimum of tailoring written exercises so they reflect your offerings and customers to shooting video examples in your actual stores. If your needs include product knowledge training, our customizable templates can also be used to illustrate critical product and style information.

Learn about our RSS (Retail Sales & Service) Training Program.


We’ll work with you to identify specific learning goals, training needs, and business challenges and then select the appropriate content from our retail sales training library as the starting point for your customized session.


Core Selling Skills

Core Selling Skills session typically include:

  • Asking for input to define needs
  • Selling benefits instead of features
  • Reinforcing customer decisions to validate choices
  • Listening to build rapport and clarity
  • Closing on key decisions throughout the sale
  • Making suggestions that add value to a purchase

These skills are taught outside of any specific selling situation to help associates understand their value and technique first. Then they are applied to a range of retail selling situations through a full conversation.


Examples of Full, Step-by-Step Custom Scenarios

Situations developed for other retailers include:

  • Converting the “Just-Looking” Customer
  • Selling to Multiple Customers
  • Fitting Room Selling
  • Providing Service During High Traffic Times
  • Turning Returns into Exchanges
  • Fitting Room Selling
  • Selling by Phone
  • Handling Customer Dissatisfaction


Modules, along with self-study print-based materials, can be loaded onto your LMS for ease of access, tracking, and ongoing reinforcement. In addition, we are also able to create microlearning modules that are mobile-enabled and accessible from any smartphone.

Pricing Information

Three 2 1⁄2-hour live virtual sessions facilitated by a MOHR Retail consultant.

Cost: $550 per participant


  • Three virtual facilitated sessions
  • eBooks and reference guides
  • 90-day reinforcement mobile app with gamification and competitive leaderboard to maximize retention

Advanced Module: DiSCovering Your Selling Style

This advanced 2 1⁄2 hour module includes the DiSC® for Sales online profile.

Cost: $325 per participant

  • DiSCovering Your Sales Personal Style Report
  • Participants learn more about their own personal selling communication style
  • Refine their individual communication effectiveness to strengthen relationships with customers
  • Learn how to flex your style to meet your customers where they are to build loyalty collaboratively

Prerequisite: The RSS core 3-module program

Combined programs: $850 per participant


Appropriate for populations of 150 or more associates.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your onsite retail sales training needs.