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Coaching in Real Time: Effective Floor Supervision Tips

DATE: Thursday, August 15, 2019


Michael Patrick, CEO, MOHR Retail
Mary Beth Garcia, President, MOHR Retail


Coaching in-real time keeps associates on track and growing, even when the pressure’s on.

During the holidays and other peak seasons, the pace of activity on the store floor can be frantic. Your store managers can make a huge impact on the customer and employee experience with coaching conversations that take less than 3 minutes. To be effective, those conversations have to be targeted and focused on strengthening behaviors in the moment. In this highly practical 45-minute webinar, MOHR Retail CEO Michael Patrick will explore the benefits, skills, and strategies of retail coaching in real-time. You’ll learn:

  • How coaching in real-time benefits associates as well as store leaders
  • A discussion strategy for managers to use in the moment to create mindshare with their associates and keep them on track and growing
  • Tips and strategies for using coaching in real-time to get the most from seasonal hires
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