Willingness to Accept Change: Team Assessment


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How accepting will each of your direct reports/management team members be of the changes a new initiative (or initiatives) will bring about? Download this assessment to gauge buy-in and develop strategies to gain commitment.

This assessment is excerpted from MOHR Retail’s Leading Change program, which includes debriefings and application of the DiSC® profile and discussions and strategies for flexing leadership roles to maximize productivity and build strong team relations.

Store Support Leaders and Retail Multiunit Leaders also learn:

  • Comfort Zone model to understand where most learning takes place
  • How to communicate one-on-one and in groups, and the dynamics involved with each type of meeting
  • A Change Management model to identify developmental, incremental, and transformational changes and time needed to understand and accept each
  • How to prepare to communicate change
  • Discussion strategies for communicating and following up

Willingness to Accept Change Team Assessment

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