Advanced RML: Leading Change

Leading Change

The speed of change in today’s retail environment requires a new level of change leadership among district and regional leaders.

Now more than ever, multiunit leaders need advanced skills and strategies to not only communicate multiple initiatives with their direct report store teams but also gain commitment, which is critical to achieving results.

A Learning Experience Designed for Impact

Designed for retail district, regional, and other multiunit leaders as well as store support leaders, the advanced module Leading Change builds on concepts learned in vRML and vSSL; introduces new tools and strategies; and gives participants the opportunity to plan, work through, and get feedback on a real-life initiative they need to address

The program includes:

  • Microlearning prework via mobile app
  • Half-day virtual session with practice
  • Three months of post-session reinforcement questions via a mobile app, with gamification and competitive leader board to maximize application and retention

Retail multiunit managers will learn:

  • A Comfort Zone model to understand where most learning takes place
  • How to communicate one-on-one and in groups, and the dynamics involved with each type of meeting
  • A Change Management model to identify developmental, incremental, and transformational changes and time needed to understand and accept each
  • A Willingness to Accept Change team assessment to gauge readiness
  • How to prepare to communicate change
  • Discussion strategies for communicating and following up

Microlearning Prework Via Mobile App

Microlearning prework introduces and reinforces key concepts, models, and strategies that participants will then practice and apply during the workshop as they tackle their own real-life initiatives.

Preview the “Introduction” module below.

Cost: $325/person

Includes prework, virtual instructor-led workshop, 90 days of post-session, app-based reinforcement

Participant group size: 12 minimum, 21 maximum

Prerequisite: RML–Retail Multiunit Leadership Role of the Leader (Available as a half-day virtual session for an additional $225/person)

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“We selected MOHR because of your focus in the retail segment and our observation of really understanding retail from a multi-unit perspective. The MOHR team has done a great job in working with us in adapting the materials to fit the uniqueness of Things Remembered while still maintaining the core principles of the program.”

Adam Boucher,SVP, Chief Operating Officer| Things Remembered