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Retail Multiunit Management

Engage your busy retail leaders and ensure long-term retention and application. This blended learning solution combines technology-based microlearning and online skill-building with interactive, real-life, scenario-based modules to jumpstart development and insight-building prior to the web-based or classroom training. It’s a personalized, performance-based approach to learning that’s optimized for the realities of the modern retail environment and designed to deliver direct and measurable business impact.

During either a virtual or in-person classroom workshop, your DMs will learn how to align major company initiatives with their daily on-site interactions to ensure that your management, sales and operational teams are on the same page and moving in the same direction. Your DMs will develop the interpersonal skills and strategies required to conduct store visits, plan, communicate, and motivate, all based on the leading practices learned from our surveys, interviews, and observations of some of the most productive and profitable retail multiunit managers on the planet.

As industry trends and retail realities push multiunit managers to take on more responsibilities, your DMs are even more essential to the business — and they need even more sophisticated skills. Build on their Core skills training and develop their next-level leadership capabilities with one or more of our targeted Retail Multiunit Management Advanced modules.

Take Learning Beyond the Training Sessions to Get Results

Lasting behavior change doesn’t come from a one-time training event. Our onsite district manager training includes a variety of easy-to-implement pre- and post-workshop tools and activities to ensure you get the greatest value from your training investments.

Measure the Impact: DM Store Effectiveness Survey

The in-person store visit by a District Manager can be an extremely productive occasion or a day fraught with tension. You need to know which. The best way to gain this insight is to go right to the source: ask your store managers for their anonymous perspective using a proven, structured approach that ensures reliable and accurate data.

MOHR uses a proprietary, confidential, 23-question survey to assess the effectiveness of DM virtual and onsite store visits. You’ll find out what works, what doesn’t, and why. Results are delivered by MOHR professionals experienced in analyzing the survey. MOHR also provides a strategy for disseminating the results in the most constructive manner to DMs and field management alike.

  • Use MOHR’s DM Store Effectiveness Survey before onsite district manager training to benchmark current performance and pinpoint the most critical areas to cover in the workshop. The survey is an invaluable guide you can use to determine what training modules will be most beneficial for your company.
  • Use the survey after the workshop to get a barometer for real-world implementation and to reinforce new behaviors.

While MOHR most often uses the DM Store Effectiveness Survey as a pre- and post- RMM tool, the insights gained from it can be strategically important to your retail firm even if an RMM session is not in your immediate future. Knowing what is working for your DMS and on-site staff, what is not, and why is one of the most useful and valuable benchmarks you will require for multinunit retail success.



Our eBook outlines 7 practical reinforcement strategies to help your participants internalize the learning and turn it into daily practice so they can get sustained performance results.


Everything DiSC® Style Survey: All participants complete this 15-minute pre-workshop, online survey. It provides participants with powerful insights about how they tend to communicate, what their strengths are in terms of how they connect with others, and the limitations that could keep them from being able to create strong relationships. These insights form the foundation for learning, application, and change.

Communication Skills Prework: Four core communication skills applied to all modes of communication DMs use, including email, voice mail, conference calls, texting, and/or video conferencing.

Optional DM Store Visit Effectiveness Survey: An excellent planning tool that helps you set a benchmark and pinpoint specific areas of focus for the training.

Senior Manager Training: To optimize the effectiveness of the training and connect it to specific cultural and behavioral standards, many retailers choose to have their senior managers participate in the training or in an Executive Overview of the Retail Multiunit Management program. (Please note: Additional fees apply for senior manager training. Contact us for details.)

While MOHR most often uses the DM Store Effectiveness Survey as a pre- and post- RMM tool, the insights gained from it can be strategically important to your retail firm even if an RMM session is not in your immediate future. Knowing what is working for your DMS and on-site staff, what is not, and why is one of the most useful and valuable benchmarks you will require for multinunit retail success.


The four Achievement Cycle factors. Use Goals, Insights, Skills, and Action to move from average to excellent.

Flexing Leadership Roles. Adapt four leadership and motivational approaches to a wide range of team needs.

My Plan for Results. A prioritizing tool to help DMs focus on what matters most over an entire year.
Review of personalized 20-page Everything DiSC® report. Refine individual communication effectiveness strategies throughout the session.
Master the four critical communication skills, regardless of style.


Motivate Managers with Below-Standard Performance. Practice skills and strategies on a real in-store problem using retail video models as a base. Practice scenarios and feedback—all while applying individually unique Everything DiSC® style insights and communication skills.


Coaching coaches. Learn, build and practice coaching skills and strategies to strengthen others’ leadership.


Maximize store visits. Explore the challenges of managing at a distance, plus learn how technology can help. Define what to do before, during, and after virtual or onsite store visits to ensure priorities are understood. Participants rehearse and get feedback in practice sessions using video scenarios.


Application and Change You Can Measure

Microlearning reinforcement: RMM+ is a proven microlearning app for reinforcement that boosts application of the techniques taught in the web-based or classroom training to a consistent 90% usage rate. Prompted through an initial e-mail alert, participants receive a training-related question every day for 90 days. Average time spent on response is less than half a minute, yet this exercise keeps newly acquired skills and training concepts top of mind, delivering remarkable bang for the buck. Clients report a direct link between consistent usage of the app and improved store performance.

DM Store Visit Effectiveness Survey. Not only can you gauge the effectiveness of your district manager training on-site implementation with this survey, you will actually increase it as the DMs get positive feedback on how their new approach is working (or validation that an older approach needs to be jettisoned.) DMs can make a direct connection between the new skills they’ve learned and the satisfaction—and greater effectiveness—of their staff.

Retail Multiunit Management

$950 Per Person

Includes all participant materials, pre-workshop planning and consultation, workshop delivery by an experienced MOHR facilitator, and post-workshop follow-up and assessment.

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