Core + Advanced Training

Retail Multiunit Management II

Retail Multiunit Management II (RMMII) is a comprehensive blended learning solution addressing the critical issues and leadership behaviors that get to the core of what impacts the business. RMMII combines technology-based microlearning and online skill-building with interactive, real-life, scenario-based modules to jumpstart development and insight-building prior to classroom training, engage busy retail leaders, and ensure long-term retention and application.

This personalized, performance-based approach to learning is optimized for the realities of the modern retail environment and designed to deliver direct and measurable business impact.

Two-day fundamental RMM training, plus pre- and post-workshop microlearning with gamification and competitive leaderboard designed to jumpstart development, maximize on-the-job application, and ensure sustainable impact and ROI.

  • Everything DiSC® Behavioral Survey: All participants complete this 15-minute pre-workshop, online survey. It provides participants with powerful insights about how they tend to communicate, what their strengths are in terms of how they connect with others, and the limitations that could keep them from being able to create strong relationships. These insights form the foundation for learning, application, and change.
  • Communication Skills Microlearning Prework with Level 1 Questions: Four core communications skills applied to all modes of communication DMs use.

CORE RMM Workshop: Day 1

  • The four “Achievement Cycle” factors. Use Goals, Insights, Skills, and Action to move from average to excellent.
  • Flexing Leadership Roles. Adapt leadership and motivational approaches to the wide range of team needs using four different roles appropriate to the situation and individuals’ needs.
  • My Plan for Results. Use this tool to help DMs prioritize and focus on what matters most over an entire year.
  • Review of personalized Everything DiSC® report. Refine communication effectiveness, each according to his or her own style, throughout the training session.
  • Master the four critical communication skills, regardless of style.
  • Motivating Managers with Below-Standard Performance. Practice skills and strategies for solving real in-store problems using retail video models; practice scenarios and feedback using the Everything DiSC® profile communication skills learned earlier in the training session.

CORE RMM Workshop: Day 2

  • Coaching coaches (even by phone). Build and practice coaching skills and strategies to strengthen others’ leadership—even if done by phone.
  • “Maximizing store visits.” Explore the challenges of managing at a distance. Learn how technology can help. Understand what to do before, during, and after store visits to ensure priorities are clear. Rehearse and learn from feedback in practice sessions using video scenarios.

Continuous Learning at your fingertips

  • Microlearning reinforcement: RMM+ is a proven microlearning app for reinforcement that boosts application of the techniques taught in the two-day training to a consistent 90% usage rate. Prompted through an initial e-mail alert, participants receive a district manager training session-related question each day for 90 days. Average time spent responding to the question is less than half a minute, yet it reinforces training concepts and keeps key skills and management tools top of mind. RMM+ delivers remarkable bang for the buck. Clients report a direct link between consistent usage of the app and improved store performance.

These interactive, real-life, scenario-based modules explore targeted retail leadership areas to further advance your DMs’ leadership skills, strategies, and behaviors. Each topic is facilitated in a half-day instructor-led session. Two modules can be combined for a full-day session. Our consultants will work with you to determine the order of delivery based on your participants’ learning needs and desired business outcomes.

Multiunit retail leaders have to not only communicate multiple initiatives with their direct report store teams, they also have to gain commitment, which is critical to achieving results. Your managers will learn:

    • A Comfort Zone model to understand where most learning takes place
    • How to communicate one-on-one and in groups, and the dynamics involved with each type of meeting
    • A Change Management model to identify developmental, transitional, and transformational changes and the time needed to understand and accept each
    • A Willingness to Accept Change team assessment to gauge readiness
    • How to prepare to communicate change
    • Discussion strategies for communicating and following up

Leaders must influence their peers, direct reports, corporate, and bosses to take a different approach or flex a policy to get things done. This module focuses on how to see others as specialists who have knowledge that can help you achieve your goals, collaboratively. Participants learn:

  • Guidelines for evaluating an influencing opportunity
  • How to apply DiSC® Style insights to leverage strengths, adjust for limitations
  • Relevant skills and discussion strategies, with video models of conversations
  • How to take action, including practice and virtual coach follow-up

In this advanced module, leaders develop skills to enhance their competence and credibility across their companywide relationships. It focuses on what it takes to be a leader and demonstrate leadership presence, and how to build credibility and a reputation as a leader across the organization. Participants explore:

  • A MeetingMatrix™ for when they have authority and when they don’t have positional power
  • A range of field and retail interactions involving direct reports, peers, or senior partners and leaders.
  • Specific meeting strategies and guideposts for when they own the agenda and when they don’t
  • Developing a mindset of leadership presence
  • How to add value and strengthen relationships through every interaction
  • Relevant skills and discussion strategy
  • How to take action, including practice and virtual coach follow-up

This workshop teaches participants how to process feedback within the context of ongoing change. Multiunit leaders practice and build the skills and strategies to gain the trust of those who provide feedback, motivate direct reports to feel their opinions are valued (and therefore to be more productive), develop more open and collaborative relationships with peers, and demonstrate to the senior leadership team that they are flexible and willing to improve. Participants learn:

  • The best approach for identifying critical behaviors that create other’s perceptions of their leadership style
  • Seven Feedback Principles
  • Skills and insights that will help them gain control of their growth and career development

Use MOHR Retail’s Store Visit Effectiveness Survey or your existing tools.

Multiunit managers frequently encounter new or more challenging business situations. This session allows them to bring this issue to a group of peers and, using our process of Peer Ideation™, get input from their colleagues and open up possibilities and avenues that will address the issue in ways they hadn’t previously discovered.

CORE RMM Pricing

$950 per person

Includes facilitation, DiSC®, and 90-day post-training microlearning



$275 per module or $450 for two

plus $3,500 per day facilitation

Includes custom live model scripts, pre-engagement, and 90 days post-training microlearning reinforcement

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