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“The retail world is a dynamic and evolving environment. With MOHR Retail’s proven research and design capabilities, we foresee continuing our partnership with MOHR Retail.” – Chief Learning Officer, Large International Retailer


This large international retailer had identified a need to enhance the communication and management skills of its field-based retail managers and supervisors. They were looking for an off-the-shelf learning solution that was based on real-world retail challenges and scenarios but also flexible enough to be tailored to their unique business model.


After researching off-the-shelf training programs, the organization determined that MOHR Retail’s Retail Store Leadership (RSL) program would be a good fit for their needs. In particular, they valued that it is based on retail industry research and features skill practice sessions so that participants can be observed and get feedback as they apply the management strategies they learn.

Given the organization’s business model, they needed to make some changes to the program. MOHR Retail worked closely with their team to conduct a needs analysis and customize the program to meet their requirements.

The RSL program became required training for all of the organization’s field-based retail managers and supervisors. Recognizing the positive changes that resulted from offering the RSL program to the field-based management team, the headquarters-based management team then requested a similar program for headquarters employees.

Once again, the organization partnered with MOHR Retail to design a program targeting the specific communication and leadership skills of headquarters employees while also focusing on their service to the field-based locations.


The programs have helped build consistency in the strategies, behaviors, and expectations of management across the organization, from the field to the headquarters. Since partnering with MOHR Retail, the organization has documented a number of positive business outcomes, including:

  • Increased competence in communication and management skills across the management team
  • Improved sales
  • More effective customer service communication


Download this eBook to learn what it means to create a customer experience in today’s frictionless retail environment, the importance of the human factor in engaging the customer on a personal level while leveraging technology, and how to make it as easy for customers to engage with you in the store as it is online.

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