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Many retailers are taking on transformational change initiatives. But all too often, they take a ready, fire, aim approach to implementing and leading change. This is just one example of how MOHR Retail helps clients execute on their strategies through leadership behaviors and skills that become integrated into the culture.


A large national retail craft chain was embarking on a significant digital transformation strategy that involved connecting and integrating several digital strategies at the store level to provide customers with more omnichannel options for purchasing and delivery. The company wanted to make sure its leadership at the district and regional levels was equipped to drive successful execution and results across their stores.


This craft chain had partnered with MOHR Retail on previous leadership development initiatives, having selected the company because of its depth of retail experience and research-backed training solutions targeted specifically to the realities of the retail environment. For this initiative, they partnered with MOHR Retail to develop their district and retail leaders’ skills and confidence to lead change effectively.

Over 150 district and retail leaders participated in MOHR Retail’s Retail Multi-Unit Leadership (RML) program called Leading Change. As part of the learning experience, the program helped these field leaders process the changes themselves first; it then equipped them with skills and strategies to gain commitment from their store leadership teams.

Participants learned how to prepare effectively for the communication by planning how their store leaders might react based on their personal style. They also explored and practiced asking purposeful questions about concerns and risks they anticipated, and they learned strategies for reinforcing appropriate behaviors when observing managers embracing the change.


  • Fewer compliance exceptions
  • Increased client loyalty
  • Increased sales

The training resulted in successful and timely execution in all stores, with audits revealing fewer compliance exceptions. The program gave the field leaders the skills and process to achieve buy-in and commitment, not just agreement, from store leadership to effectively execute the digital in-store procedures. The chain also reported increased client loyalty and a sales lift across most regions while providing more point-of-sale options for their customers.

A testament to the effectiveness of the solution, MOHR Retail’s Leading Change communication strategy is still being used to implement major change initiatives at this thriving crafts retailer.


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