Request a Consultation: Retail Store Leadership OLT

Retail is a daily whirlwind. You need leaders in the store who can skillfully manage those critical, in-the-moment conversations with employees and customers. But taking them out of the store for training isn’t always practical. And sending them through a general online leadership course that doesn’t reflect the realities of working in retail isn’t going to create the impact you need.

That’s why we developed Retail Store Leadership Online (RSL OLT). Based on the classroom workshop that more than 20,000 retail managers and supervisors have benefitted from, this retail-specific mobile learning program makes it easy for you to build great leaders and grow your team with:

  • A series of 3-to-5-minute, skills-based learning modules, accessible at any time via phone, tablet, and desktop
  • 4 months of mobile-friendly personalized learning reinforcement through quick, daily refresher questions that focus on retention vs. rote memorization
  • gamification component that engages people’s brains for optimal learning and retention
  • Motivation through competition, including a leader board for tracking personal scores against peers’ across stores
  • An easy-to-implement in-store coaching process and tools to help you (or your district/field leaders) reinforce and strengthen the learning

A single manager can change an entire store, so don’t wait to build this essential leadership bench strength. Complete the form below to request a consultation and learn more about this unique store management training solution. Or contact us at any time to speak with someone immediately.