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Retail Management Training: Mobile Learning Program Overview

Based on MOHR Retail’s Retail Store Leadership (RSL) workshop, the leadership program that has been used to successfully train over 20,000 retail managers and supervisors in the classroom, Retail Store Leadership Online Training (RSL OLT) brings the concepts to a mobile format accessible via phone, tablet, or desktop. But it doesn’t end there. Four months of personalized microlearning in the form of quick, daily refresher questions with a competitive gamification element enhance learning retention. And in-store coaching guides are reviewed with multiunit managers or other key leaders so that the learning is introduced, reinforced, and strengthened in the store with 1:1 meetings and practices.

At-a-Glance Progress Tracking for DMs and Senior Leaders

Included with RSL OLT is access to a reporting app that will show key leaders and DMs how participants are progressing, their success rate, and how much knowledge growth they are gaining with each new topic. Reporting can be arranged by specific teams, including geographic, regional, district, or potential. The reporting app gives senior leaders at-a-glance information at their fingertips and reveals opportunities to celebrate success or do more targeted coaching.

Interpersonal Insights to Drive Results

All participants complete the 15-minute online Everything DiSC® Behavioral Survey, which provides powerful insights about how they tend to communicate, what their strengths are in terms of how they connect with others, and the limitations that could keep them from being able to create strong relationships. These insights form the foundation for learning, application, and change.



Our eBook outlines 7 practical reinforcement strategies to help your participants internalize the learning and turn it into daily practice so they can get sustained performance results.


Combined with goals for on-floor use and observation, the RSL OLT skills and strategies will become a natural part of your store managers’ leadership approach, contributing to overall improvements in their store’s productivity.

  • 12 topic-related modules, with learning points and reinforcement questions
  • Each module is 3-5 minutes in length
  • Participants have daily access to the modules over the course of four months
  • Supervisor introduces and conducts regular check-ins to answer questions, provide opportunities to practice for strengthening skills


All modules apply the same learning design of business impact, step-by-step strategy, and an interactive retail scenario.

  • “Role of the Leader” Modules: Uncovering characteristics of a “Best Boss.”
  • Identifying the range of roles a motivational manager must play. Learning how managers should implement effective strategies to motivate their workforce.
  • Establishing an Anchor Goal that keeps everyone focused on what matters most.
  • Also includes:
  • Retail Leadership Best Practices
  • DiSC® Background and Overview: Participants complete online DiSC® profile prior to training (see note below).
  • Communication Skills: Four essential interpersonal skills to use regardless of mode.
  • Setting Performance Expectations: Ensuring team members understand their roles and holding people accountable for results. Strategies for focusing on the individual performer and their performance standards. Support the manager must provide for the employee to be successful.
  • Effective Floor Supervision: Managing the customer experiences on the sales floor. Being aware of everything that his happening but avoiding the pitfall of getting caught up in a single issue that distracts them. Critical skills for motivation and a structured process for floor observation. Module also includes four essential floor management guideposts as well as a core section on reading and responding to cues.
  • Coaching in Real-Time: Participants learn a structured process for coaching in real-time using a proven strategy to maximize their time—and learn that it only takes a few minutes.
  • Note: An option for a 30-minute webinar (recorded and accessible for those unable to attend) to review DiSC® results with the entire group is also available.
  • We recommend scheduling the webinar about a month into the implementation.


All modules apply the same learning design of business impact, step-by-step strategy, and an interactive retail scenario.

  • Improving Below-Standard Performance: Developing comfort in providing corrective feedback while holding employees accountable for not meeting expectations. Includes a roadmap for a tough conversation, but also one that engages the employee in solving the problem themselves.
    Delegating to Develop: Teaches supervisors how to grow their team by strategically thinking about assigning projects that will stretch their skill and give them added authority to make better decisions. Includes how to assess readiness for a project and how to evaluate what level of authority is appropriate and needed.
  • Resolving Team Conflicts: Developing comfort in resolving issues so that business gets back on track. Skills for uncovering the issue, listening to both sides, and building a solution that both sides can commit to so that employees will own the issue and its resolution and be accountable for ensuring that their behaviors do not negatively impact the business.
  • Getting Commitment to New Initiatives: Learning how to get commitment—even if you can’t get agreement—to a priority or expectation to fully support and achieve initiative goals. How to communicate these goals one-on-one and in group meetings where a range of associates’ experience, performance, and passion for the new goal may change the dynamics. Module is designed to apply the Communication Skills to a specific strategy for creating a motivated team dedicated to taking their personal performance to the next level to meet the current challenges presented.
  • Professional Sales Coaching: How to create a proactive selling environment that encourages goal achievement. Skills that provide ongoing direction and support to sales professionals, motivating and building their confidence. How to reinforce on-target performance to increase commitment to goals and to identify challenging areas before failure occurs.


Putting Learning and Behaviors to Work

  • In-Store Coaching Guides: Practice, feedback, and commitment to application back on the job are part of in-store coaching. The participant meets after each online learning experience to review and practice, as needed, what was learned with the coach (i.e., the multiunit manager or store manager, depending on the participant’s position). On an ongoing basis, the coach observes and gives real-time feedback on how the participant is applying the learning on the job.
  • Daily refresher questions: As part of the program, daily refresher questions are used to increase retention of the learning, reinforce key concepts, and prompt in-store application of the skills and behaviors.

Pricing Information

$350 per participant (minimum 10 participants)

Pricing includes:

Includes 8 microlearning modules, with reinforcement questions, tracking, scoring, and online gamification; DiSC® profiles; and administrative set-up and support.


$575 per participant (minimum 10 participants)

All of the above combined with three/2-hour virtual sessions or one/6-hour onsite live facilitated practice session.

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