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Client Kudos

MOHR Ideas

NRF SmartBrief

“Our merchant group spends millions of dollars annually, and every dime counts. Since the RNS implementation, I am already observing improved negotiation techniques with our many suppliers, along with resultant concessions that otherwise might not have happened. Understanding and cooperation among our merchants has gone up considerably. I am glad we made the investment.”
Gordon Partin
Senior Vice-President, Merchandise & Real Estate
Shoe Sensation
“Why did we choose MOHR? QUALITY. MOHR gets retail. They speak the language, they understand the real life issues, and they have instant credibility. The training programs are rigorous in design, and the examples and exercises are high quality.”
Todd Chandler
Director, OD & Training
Helzberg Diamonds
“We selected MOHR because of your focus in the retail segment and our observation of really understanding retail from a multi-unit perspective. The MOHR team has done a great job in working with us in adapting the materials to fit the uniqueness of Things Remembered while still maintaining the core principles of the program.”
Adam Boucher
SVP, Chief Operating Officer
Things Remembered Inc.
“21 out of the 22 DMs in the recent Retail Multiunit Management (RMM) program were internal promotes! Seven of them were also certified Retail Store Leadership (RSL) trainers. We definitely are helping achieve the client's goal of increasing internal promotes!”
Deb Brown
Senior Retail Consultant
August 17, 2016 | By michael | Retail Leadership Training

For A Successful Holiday Season, Start with a Good Fit

As we head into fall and prepare for the holiday shopping season, many retailers are focused on finding the right fit—and we’re not talking about shoe sizes.

August 11, 2016 | By MOHR | Retail Trends

Stores Can Compete (and Win) in a Mobile World

Social media has caused us to be constantly connected, and the mobile revolution is influencing more and more aspects of our lives. In a world where you can feed your pet from your mobile device, online shopping seems pretty ordinary by comparison.

July 05, 2016 | By michael | Retail Leadership Training

Preparing Store Leaders for the Retail Fall/Holiday Season

For most retailers, the fall/holiday period is essential. Black Friday was so-named because that was the day that retailers typically stopped running in the “red” for the year and became profitable. It’s a time of tremendous planning, requiring near-flawless execution. Every single aspect of a retailer’s business and support departments—merchandising, marketing, omni-channel, visual, planogramming, and operations—participates in making the season a success.


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