As pre-work to the follow up training last February, DMs were asked to identify 3 success stories with business impact after applying the leadership strategies from RMM.  We heard about Store Managers who were ‘on warning’ moving to the top of a district’s performance in key metrics.  There were stories about turnover being reduced by up to 90% in a district based on a new level of engagement and motivation from the DM.  We heard about 9%, 10%, and 11% sales increases based on new leadership ideas being implemented.

That is what we expected to hear because that is the impact that we almost always hear from DMs using this program.  What the SVP, Stores shared at the end though was something of a head-turning moment.

As he listened to the success stories, with a new level of details and specifics, he noticed a theme.  In his summary he said that while he was proud that the Regionals and DMs clearly embraced this new more powerful approach to leading at a distance, he reminded them that there was another important fact emerging.  They were changing how their Store Managers were leading because of this new model which in turn changed how associates were lead and engaged.  He told the group that they were changing the culture of the entire organization one leader at a time.  The training, while very valuable for the target population, was helping to reshape a results-oriented, service driven culture that would give them a decidedly strong competitive edge.

The first time we implemented any training was eight months ago.  Now, eight months later they still were using what they learned, were more competent and natural in using it, and showed the business case for why they should continue.

This is the power of training tied to business and making it a process rather than an event.  How do you achieve that in your company?  Let us know your thoughts here or tweet us @mohrretail.  Every day is a chance to learn MOHR.


About Michael Patrick

Michael held positions in retail management, merchandising, and human resources before joining MOHR Retail’s predecessor in 1986. In 1990 he purchased the retail division of that firm to form today’s MOHR Retail. Michael holds true to his retail roots by delivering learning that changes behavior—providing both immediate and lasting business impact. In addition to facilitating MOHR Retail training programs, he offers executive-level coaching in one-on-one sessions dealing with critical strategic issues such as succession strategies and executive team development. The author of “The New Negotiation Mindset: Guarantee A Bigger Slice,” Michael is a longstanding member of NRF as well as ISA: The Association of Learning Providers. He has a B.A. from San Diego State University, completed Master’s level work at Arizona State University, and lives with his family in New Jersey.