We’re a training AND consulting firm. We often get retailer requests to help a client clarify their objectives as well as to recommend specific solutions. Most of the types of requests are to meet a specific skill gap with training. But more and more our clients are also coming to us to talk through how to be maximize reinforcement of company values, launch new initiatives, gain commitment to new processes, or to transform the entire company around a completely new direction.

We have always been able to teach interpersonal skills that drive business results. Whether it be leadership at all levels, sales, service, or negotiation, we can point to specific, measurable results from the facilitated training we implement. We also have known for a long time that in addition to building skills, training also is a powerful way to communicate a message to participants.

Because we facilitate discussions and reactions to retail best practices we’ve gathered or concepts or models we’ve researched, we learn and the group learns from each other. Using video as a part of our training also shows more than just the skills being taught. Visual models can telegraph what’s important to a company or how they want to see an interaction move. Clients often report that teams gain insight about each other that adds understanding and improves internal relationships when they train together. Buyers and planners get a glimpse of each other’s world and begin to share a single vision for how to work together.Company values are demonstrated during training that shows a more practical side of why we hold these so close.

The next time you have a need to communicate values, a message, or transform an entire company, think about creating a training experience that can do that as well as strengthen the attendees’ skills so that they leave training more prepared to take action on the message than just understanding the message.


About Michael Patrick

Michael held positions in retail management, merchandising, and human resources before joining MOHR Retail’s predecessor in 1986. In 1990 he purchased the retail division of that firm to form today’s MOHR Retail. Michael holds true to his retail roots by delivering learning that changes behavior—providing both immediate and lasting business impact. In addition to facilitating MOHR Retail training programs, he offers executive-level coaching in one-on-one sessions dealing with critical strategic issues such as succession strategies and executive team development. The author of “The New Negotiation Mindset: Guarantee A Bigger Slice,” Michael is a longstanding member of NRF as well as ISA: The Association of Learning Providers. He has a B.A. from San Diego State University, completed Master’s level work at Arizona State University, and lives with his family in New Jersey.