Since more and more of our retail clients have extended their global reach through either licensing and/or company-store expansion outside the US, translation of programs is becoming more important.  Translation doesn’t simply mean just converting English to Mandarin or French-Canadian, it means making sure that the meaning in that country is culturally appropriate.  We use Agnew International, a world-renown translation company whose translators come from the retail industry in that country.  This ensures that the words are in the correct language but have the best appropriate meaning for what we are training.

Another trend is the resurgence of training for merchants.  Retail Buyer Negotiation is a critical skill set that can be taught.  Our Retail Negotiation Series (RNS) has a full range from essential to advanced strategies designed exclusively for retail negotiation.  In addition, helping merchants build stronger internal relationships and personal credibility company-wide is a key objective of our newest Merchant & Support Leadership (MSL) program.  Managing the ‘political’ as well as organizational challenges as they move up the corporate ladder.

What are the training trends your company is meeting or creating for 2013?  Share your thoughts here or tweet us @mohrretail.  In retail, every day is a chance to learn. MOHR!


About Michael Patrick

Michael held positions in retail management, merchandising, and human resources before joining MOHR Retail’s predecessor in 1986. In 1990 he purchased the retail division of that firm to form today’s MOHR Retail. Michael holds true to his retail roots by delivering learning that changes behavior—providing both immediate and lasting business impact. In addition to facilitating MOHR Retail training programs, he offers executive-level coaching in one-on-one sessions dealing with critical strategic issues such as succession strategies and executive team development. The author of “The New Negotiation Mindset: Guarantee A Bigger Slice,” Michael is a longstanding member of NRF as well as ISA: The Association of Learning Providers. He has a B.A. from San Diego State University, completed Master’s level work at Arizona State University, and lives with his family in New Jersey.