At a recent training industry conference we heard from an amazingly talented future forecaster, Bob Johansen. His new book “Leaders Make the Future” outlined several major social trends and how they would impact the skills a leader in the future (next ten years to be exact) would need.

Bob told us that after doing these 10-year forecasts for more than forty years, he thought this one was at once the most frightening as well as filled with possibility of any his team had done. That got my attention.

The social communities and technologies that support them were only going to grow geometrically from what we know now. That means that there will be more information about more things than anyone can even imagine. Since he was talking to the training industry he took his remarks to the next level. What role can/should a training resource play that would add value and truly help their clients.

In a word, ‘filter’. Using your expertise in a given market segment that knowledge allows you to read the trends and help clients edit through the myriad number of options. After the session I began to think about who my ‘filters’ were. Who are the experts I turn to to edit out the extraneous and focus on what matters most. CNN, my partner, my kids, my minister, a few close friends, NY Times bestseller lists, and professional peers who have a track record of success, were a few.

Who do you trust to help you filter the mind-boggling level of new information you get every day?


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