There are many instruments on the market today that provide personal insight into your communication style and/or personality which drives your behavior choices.  A number of these instruments use the work of Dr William Marston who developed the DiSC model, as well as the blood pressure cuff and a number of other important inventions.  One company, Inscape Publishing, now part of J. Wiley & Sons is our partner who continues to refine and add value to using DiSC to provide powerful insights and strengthen relationships.

Prior to Inscape Publishing’s relationship with MOHR Retail we focused exclusively on building the skills and use of unique discussion strategies through observational learning and practice.  This is based on Sorccer’s work many years ago and still remains one of the most validated adult learning strategies.  But, building skills without knowing more about who you are and what your natural tendencies are is like learning to drive but not knowing what your blindspots or gifts are.  The underpinning of effective leadership or negotiation starts with understanding what your strengths and limitations are and using that insight to be more intentional with every interaction.  Knowing something critical about your tendencies helps you set a path that includes leveraging what you do well and pay attention to while adjusting for shortfalls.  It makes learning the specific skills make more sense and increase your personal motivation to use them more consistently.

What do you use to help your associates and managers stop and pay attention to who they are?  How do you combine that insight with action in training?  Tweet us @mohrretail or share your thoughts here.


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