I was recently at a conference with some of my industry peers. These are very smart folks and the discussions often had me scrambling to capture what I thought was some of the most profound statements or concepts being shared. Have you ever been in a training session and heard a great quote or idea and quickly wrote it down? Yeah, I think a lot of us do. We’re looking for that one idea, that one pithy way to say what we’re really feeling and writing it down is a way to capture that perishable moment. When we facilitate training sessions we often ask participants to underline or circle what they think is key in the reading or exercises they do. It helps everyone hone in on what’s most important to them.

I wonder how many times people actually go back and just look at what they circled or wrote in the margins. They’re probably the most salient points of the session! You don’t have to re-read an entire book or re-do all the exercises to remind yourself about what you thought was most meaningful. It’s write, I mean right, there in the margins.

Do you ever go back and read what you thought stood out for you?


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