We train literally thousands of managers, DMs, Buyers, and Home Office supervisors each year. In those sessions and the sessions our clients train using our retail-specific programs, there is tremendous learning and insight. Since retail is our industry we see themes and trends for leadership and negotiation and influence that many of our clients aren’t able to experience. We understand that the power of our training content and design is enhanced when it reflects current challenges and solutions. So we pay close attention to the reoccurring themes we hear from participants in these sessions. Starting in 2014, one of our senior retail consultants, Kathryn Wolfson, will add Director, Program Quality to her responsibilities. She will have a defined process for gathering those insights together periodically and match existing content against what we’re hearing and experiencing. It will allow her to make changes, some simple tweaks to words or examples and some will result in full module changes. So when we say that we will learn as much as you do we mean it. We know that retail is an industry with constant change. Customer demands, new competitors, new channels and partners, technology, and social media are just a few of the influences that make working and leading in retail unique. Retail can be a moving target. Training needs to evolve and move too. How do you keep up with the pace of change in retail training? Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts here or post something on our Twitter feed @mohrretail.


About MOHR Retail

For more than 30 years, MOHR Retail has developed the critical people-to-people skills needed to create results in the retail industry—and we’re just getting started. Through innovative classroom and online learning methods, as well as our ongoing national retail research projects, we continue to stay on top of the trends so we can fuel the success of specialty stores, chain stores, outlets, catalogue retailers, department stores, and more. Nowhere does learning meet experience as it does in a MOHR Retail training program.