We’re an official distributor of Inscape Publishing’s new online Everything Disc Workplace style surveys.  This new version of DiSC provides an even  richer and more intuitive individual report for participants to use.  It focuses on eight priorities that your individual style values.  Having information about your style is very helpful.  Having information about others you work with is even more productive.

Now, with each person who takes the Workplace (or Work of Leaders or Management) version of DiSC you can get (at no charge) a Comparison Report of any other person in your company who has also taken Workplace DiSC.  This simple but powerful 11-page Comparison Report focuses on six major characerstics that are important between you and the person with whom you are being compared.  The Comparison Reports allow you to sit down and have a productive conversation about where you align and where you don’t and then enables you to decide what actions you’d take to make your interaction and communication more healthy and productive.

It’s a great way to drive personal accountability between internal partners or to create a space to have an honest conversation about what’s working and what’s not in how you communicate with each other.  We’ve used these reports between District Managers and their Store Managers, between Buyers and Planners, and many other retail partners who must work well together in order to achieve company and department goals.

How do you drive personal accountability between departments in your company?  Let us know by leaving a comment here or tweet us @mohrretail.


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