Ever since information transformed from a trickle to drinking from a firehose people in support operations who use this information have dreamed of it all making leadership more efficient and effective.  From our research with retail support department managers, they got it about half right.

There’s no question that better, more accessible data has transformed many parts of the supply chain and the level of shared information.  It has also helped DC and Home Office departments become more proactive in anticipating moves in merchandising or customer promotions to get ahead of the competition.  But people being people, still struggle with how to best leverage that information to their advantage internally.  Information helps but without effective communication and influencing skills it becomes more noise.

Last year MOHR Retail conducted extensive DC and Support Center observations and interviews to better understand the challenges of leading a support center team.  Many times we found that leadership was also seriously needed for managing cross-functional teams that the leader didn’t even directly manage but had to influence.

Read our white paper for more detailed themes and implications.  We created a first-of-its-kind Merchant & Support Leadership (MSL) program to address the leadership needs of this exact audience in retail.  Think about what formal training and help you’ve given your DC or Home Office leaders recently.  Is it time to check out MSL?

In retail, every day is a chance to learn. MOHR.


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