When some training firms talk about ‘customization’ of materials they really mean ‘tailoring’.  That might include changing a few words through a search of the document or slapping a logo on the binder cover.  Customization really requires creating something brand new for the client.  Historically at MOHR Retail, customization, creating something that looks and addresses client-specific situations and branding, represents about 20-25% of our business.

Today however there’s a new trend that’s even more broad-based.  As we launch new programs like our Retail Store Leadership (RSL) or our Merchant & Support Leadership (MSL) clients are excited that we already have some retail-ready modular solutions to their challenges.  A trend we’re seeing is that clients will look not only at a particular program for an audience, such as our Retail Negotiation Series (RNS) for buyers and Category Managers or our Retail Multiunit Management (RMM) program for District and Area Managers but also at modules from other programs to include in the menu.

Recently a client used a module on Getting Commitment to New Initiatives from our RSL program with their DMs because it spoke directly to their need of helping their DMs help their stores handle change in a more productive way.  We also have had clients as about our Influencing Internal Partners from our MSL program for their Store Managers and DMs to add to programs to broaden the skill set in meaningful ways for those positions.

Using our nationally research, proven modules from all of our family of training programs for retailers allows clients to be more creative, targeted in their development, and save money using Retail-Ready training at a fraction of the cost of full customization.

How important is customization to your participants?  Share your approach here or tweet us @mohrretail.  In retail, every day is a chance to learn.  MOHR.


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