Next week we will spend an entire week shooting video for our new merchant &support leadership program. For months now we’ve been leading up to this production event. It’s not the end, more like the middle.  It began as it always does, with our clients. This program came directly from clients who expressed a need in their organizations for more formal training for DC mgrs, AP supervisors, creative directors, buyers, and merchandise mgrs.  the functional aspects of those jobs were covered but the interpersonal skills not so much.

These requests for a program also came from positive client experiences with our Retail Store Leadership program. Now it was time for home office mgrs. We interviewed many different retailers to ensure the need was wide-spread. Asked about challenges, solutions, daily scenarios, successes and failures of this group. We picked key performance situations and tested potential scenarios for video. Once those were validated we began to write scripts. Those were vetted with several different retailers each.   We did auditions based on proscribed demographics and selected our professional actors. We have our on-site retail office shoot location.

Now after months of prep work we’re ready to shoot video. We have a professional team from the Director, cameraman, sound, lighting, and make-up artists ready to work with the actors. It will be another two weeks of editing, selecting music, developing graphics, and other post-production touches before we test pilot it all. Of course that means that all the written materials for participants and detailed trainers guides have to be completed, proofed, edited, and revised as well before the pilot!


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