“Our DMs love hearing from different retailers!” “Knowing that there are other retailers who share the same challenges is very helpful.” These are quotes from some of our clients who only send their DMs to our Retail Multiunit Management (RMM) public sessions. They do value the different opinions of other retailers and learn more innovative ways to address leadership challenges. The diversity also creates more energy, newness, and idea-building for expanding leadership options to maximize productivity. The content between what we teach on-site and in our public sessions of RMM are identical. However, the facilitation direction and depth changes in public vs. on-site sessions. In public for example, with 6-10 different retail companies attending, we can’t do the deep dive into specific policies or procedures. The conversation, to be valuable, has to be kept to a common denominator for the group. On-site sessions allow us to take that deeper dive into store visit checklists and/or detailed processes. There have even been opportunities to strengthen or eliminate processes if the leadership in the group makes that decision. Whether it’s the energy and innovation from a diverse public group or a more focused use of existing tools that everyone understands during the on-site private RMM sessions, the learning is real and valuable. What’s been your experience with public vs. private training sessions? Every day is a chance to learn MOHR. Share your thoughts here or @mohrretail.


About MOHR Retail

For more than 30 years, MOHR Retail has developed the critical people-to-people skills needed to create results in the retail industry—and we’re just getting started. Through innovative classroom and online learning methods, as well as our ongoing national retail research projects, we continue to stay on top of the trends so we can fuel the success of specialty stores, chain stores, outlets, catalogue retailers, department stores, and more. Nowhere does learning meet experience as it does in a MOHR Retail training program.