MOHR Retail’s Retail Store Support (RSS) program is in final development.  It will use the same core Communication Skills that many retailers use with their DMs and Store Management teams from our RMM and RSL programs.  That means you’ll have a consistent language of effective communication across your organization.  Also, key concepts and insights from existing, proven MOHR Retail programs will also be included such as the online communication style survey from Inscape Publishing and their Everything DiSC.

Based on some national research we have mapped out some initial performance modules for the new RSS program.  They include: Handling Multiple Requests, Improving Below-Standard Performance, Making Credible Presentations, Coaching in Real-Time, and Influencing Internal Partners.  These modules will include discussion on the business impact of performing well in these areas, a unique discussion strategy with step-by-step guidance that maximizes productivity, a live or video retail-support model, and of course lots of practice (rehearsal) for building competency.

We need your help!  What other situations should we include? Which of these are most important?  What are we missing for developing strong leadership in all of your retail store support managers?

Tweet your thoughts to @mohrretail or comment here on the blog.  This is a terrific opportunity for you to shape this critical new program from MOHR Retail!


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