We’re a training and consulting company by industry type but in fact what we do in our sessions is facilitate the learning and in some ways change.  We have a proven process for certifying others to do what we do.  They do it differently than we do.  They do it with their own experiences and company insights.  We teach them that they can learn to go beyond PowerPoint presentations that are dull and filled with one-way communication to energizing, insightful, creative interactions in a session that drive interest, curiosity and a desire to know more.

But the four-day process is anything but calm.  I’m reminded of my favorite movie line, “Everything will be fine in the end.  If it’s not fine, we must not be at the end.”  On the first day, trainer candidates are excited maybe a bit wary.  By the second day they’ve gotten up in front of a master trainer who has given them feedback and they’re ready to try again.  A bit more gun-shy and maybe a little less sure of themselves.  On Day Three they begin to see they can use the skills and make the changes necessary.  By Day Four they are changed people ready to take on the world and motivated with their new competence.  When we’re in the middle of Day Two or Three we sometimes worry but then we know that we can trust the process.  And to be sure, in the end, everything is fine.

What processes do you trust most?  How do you get through the messy part of growth and change?  Post a comment here or tweet us @mohrretail.


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For more than 30 years, MOHR Retail has developed the critical people-to-people skills needed to create results in the retail industry—and we’re just getting started. Through innovative classroom and online learning methods, as well as our ongoing national retail research projects, we continue to stay on top of the trends so we can fuel the success of specialty stores, chain stores, outlets, catalogue retailers, department stores, and more. Nowhere does learning meet experience as it does in a MOHR Retail training program.