Our mission is to teach all retailers interpersonal skills that drive results. It seems that the world has begun to take notice. Over the past few years interest in our programs and expertise for retail stores well beyond our current geography has increased significantly. Now our retail store leadership training is being used in the UK, China, and Japan.

We have already translated our program but there’s more to working in other countries than just translation. Different countries also have unique views on the role of the leader in retail. Working in Turkey a few years ago we found out one of our skills, Ask For Input, didn’t work for them. We advocate leader asking for input. However in Turkey they feel that if the boss asks for input from others they would be seen as weak leaders. That skill needed revision. These are the important details we consider well beyond just putting the program in another language.  Once in. Session with French retailer executives they were inspired with another skill, Shape Performance With Reinforcement. They told us that French supervisors typically wouldn’t naturally reinforce employees for fear they would relax their standards.

Working with HR leaders from China and Japan we were able to confirm that our leadership content was pitch perfect and would set a new benchmark for the next level of retail leadership. We are constantly reviewing what’s necessary to adjust and culturally fit, no matter where in the world retailers are based. Do you have locates in other parts of the world?  What do you do to make sure your work in English works in another culture?

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